Fawry is the 1st Egyptian unicorn with a $1B market cap and the Leading Egyptian Digital Transformation & E-Payments Platform, offering financial services to consumers and businesses through +194,000 locations and a variety of channels.


the nearest place to your home

is Fawry optimum goal for their customers.

Here’s how UMAMI for E-learning Solutions helped Fawry ease people’s life by educating Fawry Retailers.

Fawry is the pioneer of all types of E-payments. Each day they introduce a new service like paying for various utilities, insurance, education fees, donations, financial payments and banks, renew your car license and so on.

Their challenge relies on the upcoming reasons:

  • Cash loss, some retailers were declining customer requests because they don’t know how to use the POS device for this specific request (service).
  • Fawry has to train over 166k retailers with diverse backgrounds across Egypt on how to the POS device in each service.
  • An enormous amount of money and effort to hold continuous offline training for retailers.


This was Fawry slogan that always encourages them go beyond traditional ways and only choose the creative ones. Actually, this was the real motivation behind the partnership with UMAMI to digitalize part of retailers training on how to use the POS device for carrying out different services’ operations.


Introducing a new concept of E-learning which we called in UMAMI “EDUCATIONAL MARKETING” through the production of 25 animated videos using microlearning strategy. Each video is one-minute length or less. Those videos are a combination of educational content presented in a marketing context through social media or internal communication channels.

Ganna Osama photo

Ganna Osama

Marketing Communication Team
Had the pleasure of working with the professional UMAMI team on executing one of the biggest communication projects for Fawry Retailers.


Real-Life Situations

Using storytelling approach, we started each video with a real situation that happens to retails daily from different customers. The objective was helping our retailer linking between this type of customers who request this service and the service itself


We believe that Fawry retailers are heroes. They are the client first contact. We gave them a title that represents their role and motivated them to promote for the company services in order to gain their clients’ trust and accordingly gain more money

How-To Tutorials

After we hooked our retailer attention, prepared them and made them ready to learn about the service, here comes the how-to tutorial part in which we explained how to use the POS device for each service in simple steps with mimicking the POS screen.

During a 3-month project, we managed to produce a full campaign that Fawry published on their social media pages in October 2020 and will last to June 2021. Each video is published during its highest season of demanding this service.
25 video
25 video
Animated Videos Produced
Organic reach on Fawry retailer Facebook page
Retailer learnt about services
Engagement on total videos
UMAMI helped Fawry in their mission making e-payment easy & accessible for everyone by educating retailers. We produced simple, customized, to the point animated videos to increase the ROI of each service Fawry provides all over Egypt.


Our happiness is to let you explore a new taste of learning. Ready to try UMAMI’s Secret Recipe?

Plot Summary

History will remember 2019 year! It’s one of the most tragic years in history. In a day and night all of us were asked to fight an invisible enemy! The Emerging coronavirus (COVID-19).


It’s known that during wars, all people unite and collaborate their efforts to face the enemy. And that’s exactly what happened in Egypt in general & in our company in specific during the outbreak. Each one of our team gathered just for one reason, thinking about how we could help by our resources and talents.


Here’s our way to prevent COVID-19 transmission in partnership with Public Health Care Authority under the umbrella of Universal Health Insurance Association (UHIA).

Our Duty

Video based course production

  • Videography & editing


  • Fully customized animated videos
While everyone else was targeting public by awareness campaigns, we realized that preventing transmission of covid-19 from infected patients to heroes of the medical staff battling coronavirus, The White Army as they currently called is our greatest weapon to keep the medical institutions free of coronavirus infection. Actually, it’s one of our core values in UMAMI which is Corporate Social Responsibility.

If it’s not now, then when? 

  • At panic times, anyone, whether he is one of the medical staff or not, could share any piece of medical information in social media platforms & unfortunately public would follow this leading to serious problems and sometimes death! That’s why there was an urge to introduce an opposite authorized source of verified medical information.


  • We believe in the power of technology & online education; it enables us to reach massive number of medical staff which in return leads to more protection. This is UMAMI’s SWORD.



Producing the 1st of its kind VILT (Video-Instructor Led Training) in Arabic about infection control guidelines for healthcare providers under the supervision of Dr. Ameer El Telwany, CEO of General Authority of Healthcare, Egypt.


It was a complete detailed guide from the latest protocols published from World Health Organization (WHO) & The Ministry of Health and Population in Egypt to all healthcare providers in the medical institution (ICU, Oncology departments & Labs) from physicians, nurses, lab technicians, pharmacists to emergency room recipients.


Not only that, but also, we produced a series of 5 animated videos under the name of ” Weqaya”  to raise both medical staff & public awareness about:

  • Episode 1: Infection control standers.
  • Episode 2: Mistakes to avoid while using personal protective equipment.
  • Episode 3: Mistakes to avoid while using personal protective equipment.
  • Episode 4: Home isolation instructions.
  • Episode 5: Mental health for healthcare workers.
Without their support, that wouldn’t have been possible.

Choosing no data except the verified one by Media & TV was a serious pillar in that war.


DMC Night Program on DMC TV Channel chose home isolation instructions episode to present.  They loved to reach each & everyone in Egypt by this crucial episode as it was the 1st episode tackling this topic during that period.


Not to mention the marvelous contribution by both  Albawabhnews & AlmasryAlyoum newspapers.




Visual aids & keywords

Let’s talk first about Dr. ASSEM, our main character in the animated video series. Assem was a doctor from infection control team, he discussed the whole instructions of all episodes. Don’t you realize something?

Assem in Arabic means the one who protect others, a shield in other words and that wasn’t a coincidence!

Each simple detail in drawing the character personality was taken care of to deliver our message.

Going one more time to the video instructor led training course, let’s go back to the start!

Screenshot 2021-01-19 182911

The start was when our team traveled to Port Said to record the course videos. The shooting happened at El-Nasr Specialized Hospital for Children, East Port Said.
We recorded the pathway of the suspected patient since entering the emergency department to reach the isolation room in the hospital. Just imagine the danger we were in! just imagine the danger surrounding our white army heroes every day till now!

It wasn’t a piece of cake to wear all personal protective equipment and move around holding lightening equipment, cameras and so on at critical place like the hospital. Eventually, we managed to record a full simulation about the standard precautions.

Post Production

You have to be careful when you produce a medical content about infection control to medical staff!

Simply this is their expertise & daily life, so unless you are presenting a real practical important information, they are not going to continue learning. Here comes the fundamental role of Dr. Mona Mahmoud Beala, The Medical supervisor of Weqaya Campaign content. She worked with us hand on hand to highlight the critical information presented in videos to be supported by visual aids, keywords and animation.

During a 6-month project, we are proud that we managed to produce an exclusive course that’s going to be uploaded in The Universal Health Insurance Association platform. A course that will help not only insurance covered hospitals, but every hospital and medical institution in Egypt.
Learners of Medical Staff
Organic views on Facebook
Lives Saved

A Message from the heart

We are grateful to Each Member of the White Army, our frontline defense, who confront the danger of infection of this violent enemy, whose nights are sleepless just to protect us.

RIP everyone who died due to the infection of coronavirus so far.

Thanks Public Health Care Authority, The Universal Health Insurance association for giving us this opportunity to be a part of the defending army in this war. THIS IS OUR DUTY & WILL ALWAYS BE.

درع التكريم
Our happiness is to let you explore a new taste of learning. Ready to try UMAMI’s Secret Recipe?

تحيا مصر .. حفظ الله مصر وأهلها

The motto that motivated Misr Life Insurance, one of the top leaders in the Insurance sector in the MENA Region since 1900, to establish a new pension policy which targets all society segments EXCLUSIVELY for National Bank of Egypt (NBE) clients.

This how we helped a company serving more than 4.5 clients over Egypt to increase their ROI by educating NBE employees about the exclusive product.
Want to know the whole story? It’s all here…

Our Role
Video based course production

  • Videography & editing


  • Fully customized animated videos
The mission of educating NBE employees about new the policy would have been a tragedy because there were:

  • Enormous number of employees who must complete this training.
  • Lots of Governments where Misr Life Insurance trainers would travel to outside Cairo.
  • Conspicuous Consumption of time to travel and deliver the training.

The alternative solution instead of offline trainings was virtual trainings, which would have cost Misr life insurance about 1 YEAR to complete the training!

VILT (Video-Instructor Led Training) for product knowledge. A customized off-the-shelf course was the perfect solution!
The objective was to educate National bank of Egypt Employees about the full features of Maash Bokra Policy, how to refer clients to Misr life Insurance representatives in the bank.

So, we produced a series of 5-minute  videos to cover all policy topics in a story-based flow.

Mr.  Mohamed Ghoname  photo

Mr. Mohamed Ghoname

Technical Training Manager at Misr Life Insurance.
I worked with UMAMI in creating training videos for our e-learning platform. UMAMI team is professional, committed, flexible and creative. I am really satisfied with the quality of the production and willing to work with them again in future projects.
We Care for clients too!

Public education is important to us too that’s why, the marketing department at Misr Life Insurance decided to give our animation team an opportunity to educate their clients about how to get their policy online & installment payment gateways of different policies.

“Why UMAMI?”

A question I asked to the MISR life insurance training manager and his answer was” There are tons of agencies that have their own studios for advertisement but you, UMAMI he meant, were the only provider we found that have a complete studio for video recording focused in E-learning”


Real life situation


Visual aids & keywords

Working with 2 glorious partners like NBE & Misr life Insurance is a huge responsibility.

We worked on the content with trainers from script consultancy to delivering the final version of videos in order to transform a solid content into an easy digested learning bites, using a well-structured strategy to reach our partner delight.


This strategy included e.g.

  • Showcase the customer journey in the bank & introduce real life situation and train employees how to respond to them.
  • Focus on one single topic each video.
  • Start each video with an introduction about learning objectives & end each one with wrapping up the points covered.

And much more.

During a 3-month project, we managed to produce a video-based course to a market leader in the insurance sector.

Working days SAVED
Cost Reduction
UMAMI, Misr Life Insurance & National Bank of Egypt came together to boost the social and financial levels of the Egyptian families by one of its first kind pension policies using our E-learning master recipe.


Our happiness is to let you explore a new taste of learning. Ready to try UMAMI’s Secret Recipe? 

Going along with Egypt’s Vision 2030 and applying Goals no.4 & no.8 of Sustainable Development Goals set by The UN General Assembly (Quality education- Decent Work and Economic Growth), UMAMI under the umbrella of MTC International Development Holding Company introduced a new e-learning taste of WISE project for the Egyptian Ministry of Education and Technical Education (MoETE), funded by United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The Workforce Improvement and Skill Enhancement (WISE) project works with schools, the private sector, and other stakeholders to:

  • Upgrade the country’s technical and vocational education and training (TVET) system.
  • Enhance connections between employers and technical schools.
  • Create local partnerships for economic development.

That’s why UMAMI had been chosen among dozens of companies for transforming Grade-1 secondary industrial school, Logistics Curriculums, into interactive e-courses format.

Let’s dig more deeper on how we made it real using COMPETENCY BASED EDUCATION!

Our Role

Content Design

  • CDM Creation
  • Storyboarding


Voice-over Narration



Content Development

Dr. Manal Samra  photo

Dr. Manal Samra

Leadership and Curriculum Development Senior Advisor at WISE-USAID Funded Project
With a culture of respect, caring, and commitment, UMAMI is all about long-term relationships, earning your trust, and becoming your strategic partner. It is uniquely equipped to create the right mix of eLearning methods which build marvelous learning experiences. Kudos to the team !!
Client Challenge

COVID-19 pandemic changed the game rules in Education. There was no way but for digital transformation.
As our USAID partner said:


Although the organization had a very tight schedule to implement the project, we were also searching for a new blood. A company with youth spirit where innovation is on the air. And UMAMI have them both!
Dr. Ahmed Ghonim photo

Dr. Ahmed Ghonim

UMAMI Chief Business Development Officer
How challenging was winning this tinder?

It’s of paramount importance to address the most challenging aspects as we, UMAMI team, faced while taking the project forward to benefit each member in the e-learning industry:

  • Target audience: Generation Z gets bored easily, they are revolutionists. That’s why, targeting teenagers was highly critical to speak a language they could understand and to cope with their speed.
  • Accessibility: Developing online courses that are accessible to everyone everywhere with taking into consideration different internet speeds in Egypt.
Dr. Ahmed Seif  photo

Dr. Ahmed Seif

UMAMI chief Operating Officer
Our aim was applying the training methodologies we use in companies to high school education.

 “First impression lasts forever”

  • New learning method: Self-paced online lessons was a first-time experience for our students. It was a huge responsibility to introduce an easy and convenient experience.
  • Technical knowledge: The syllabus consists of technical logistics subjects along with safety, generic and communication skills; that raised the urge of having a Subject Matter Expert to work with UMAMI team in designing E- content, which aiming to bridge the gap between education and labor market. With 8 years of diversified professional experience and a concrete educational background in logistics industry, Ms Dina Sallam, a Certified Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD) from APICS, American Production and inventory control Society, facilitated the technical content to UMAMI designing team. She helped to simulate work environment and to enrich the content by providing real life situations that face each worker and employee daily in the workplace. In order to have a qualified graduate to join the workforce, it is important to have him/her equipped with not only the technical knowledge but also with the soft and communication skills to standout She said.
Ms. Dina Sallam photo

Ms. Dina Sallam

Subject Matter Expert - Logistics
Working with UMAMI was an opportunity to give back to the logistics society and transfer all the knowledge I have been studying over the past years to younger generations.

Research. Write. Drink coffee. Revise. Develop. Drink Coffee again. Iterate. Deliver.

After interviewing tons of students& long of days of evidence-based research on curriculum, studying the most updated trends of developing educational materials, working hand on hand with subject experts. We finally cultivated a perfect recipe for WISE project.

Our instructional design team introduced a Blended journey including highly customized interactive courses.
PERSONALIZED.IMMERSING. RAPID. that’s how the experience looked like, not to mention being COMPATIBLE with all types of devices (PC-tablet-mobile).

Rawan Elsayed photo

Rawan Elsayed

Instructional Design Team
We, as a team, set our sights on stimulating the growth mindset into student’s personality.

Branched Scenarios
Interactive Videos
Case Studies
I know you are telling yourself now they almost used all types of educational activities. Guess what?

That’s true. In long massive projects like WISE project, you have a brilliant space to be creative & you have different pieces of content that are applicable to be developed in various methods.

In a quick discussion with Dr.Hatem Askar, the Chief Technical Officer, he said that, the production team had in mind 3 main destinations collected in one journey.

The development team of UMAMI designed the user interface using the most trending graphic elements and colors to motivate students to study for longer durations.
Ibrahim Asaad photo

Ibrahim Asaad

Project coordinator
We don’t use ready-made templates from the internet. Here, at UMAMI, we create new templates on our own & customize them to meet the client requirements and fit the target audience.
UMAMI Ninjas designed a customized experience, in which the student would never get stuck in the middle, anytime he could pause the lesson, repeat it or ask for help. Using indirect guidance with specific colors like Red, Green, yellow & orange, and direct guidance such hints & tips, they built a convenient experience.
Aya Tarek photo

Aya Tarek

Content Development Team
What learning strategy do you enjoy the most? Try & error. Learning by doing OR Spoon-feeding education? You got it right, our strategy is the first one.
Eslam Raafat photo

Eslam Raafat

E-content developer
also added, we develop education games on a scientific basis. The game is not so easy and not so complex, it challenges the learner with a scoring system to keep him always attained.

“We worked so hard to make the student’s experience as smooth as we could that he would no longer need a training on how to interact with the learning modules.“ Dr. Askar said

Compressing high quality materials such as animated videos & games into small bites of learning objects isn’t a big deal. However, keeping your high quality is a real challenge. Eventually the ninjas managed to produce a content that met the highest standards of quality & at the same time didn’t consume too much internet data to be studied.
Dr. Tamer Moussa photo

Dr. Tamer Moussa

Competency-Based Education Advisor at WISE-USAID Funded Project
I have always believed in the power of the youth and UMAMI just proved me right  I had the golden opportunity to work with resourceful, innovative and goal-oriented team. They use powerful eLearning tools such as branching scenarios and adding stories to the educational content to give online learners the ability to apply their knowledge in realistic situations. I am so glad I got to work with you and won’t definitely be the last time!!
During a 6-month project, we managed to digitalize a comprehensive Logistics diploma, design hundreds of storyboards, animate & develop content from dawn to dusk only to present to our students the quality they deserve.
Full Curriculums

Dare to Dream Team

The real heroes behind the success of the project.

No doubt that The Ministry of Education and Technical Education takes great steps towards moving the Egyptian education system forward. With the help of faithful partners dreams of tomorrow have become today’s reality.
Our happiness is to let you explore a new taste of learning. Ready to try UMAMI’s Secret Recipe?
The above-mentioned screenshot is feedback from one of UMAMI branched scenarios in Hazards Identification & its Reporting online course in partnership with El-Sewedy Electric for Trading and Distribution.

They are well known as pioneers of energy management and efficiency from 80 years ago.
El-Sewedy HSE(Health, Safety & Environment) & training  teams are keen on taking preventive actions for the sake of saving all employees’ lives. That’s why they work on providing a serious offline training on how to identify hazards and report them. Unfortunately, it’s not feasible to hold this type of offline training frequently for the upcoming reasons: 

  • Time spent on getting workmen from their sites to office to hold a physical classroom training.
  • Cash loss due to the delay in work-flow during training days.
  • The availability of trainers as most of them were busy engineers.
  • Place capacity to hold such a training for massive number of employees.
Out of El-Sewedy Electric T&D beliefs that every incident can be prevented & safety can be managed. They partnered with UMAMI to pursue the goal of no harm to people and train their employees on how to perform their jobs safely.
Eng. Waleed Saad photo

Eng. Waleed Saad

HR Director at El-Sewedy Electric T&D
There are no signs that the pace of change will slow, only companies who change the way knowledge is shared will thrive. EETD in collaboration with UMAMI have taken a huge move in developing a new way of sharing knowledge, it was really a break through idea where we hand in hand create an animated model to train people on how to identify, categorize and report Hazards. This model has a positive impact on our employees’ learning curve as far as hazards are concerned and has been able to cultivate an improved hazard free culture within our organization. UMAMI has a big part of this success with their professionalism, teamwork, devotion and commitment.

UMAMI got your back. UMAMI solved the hardest equation!

There is no need to bring your workmen from their project sites to attend such a training offline! The training had become available on their hands anytime anywhere.

We, UMAMI team, introduced a highly customized interactive course turning a very solid & boring content into an exciting learning journey to study.

When you work on developing an influential content like this, LEARNING BY MISTAKES would be your best STRATEGY through an IMMERSIVE LEARNING JOURNEY, in which learner could take decisions, see the results of those decisions and be provided with a feedback upon them.

All of this to correct his actions in real life situations & protect his life. In real life you swim at your own risk 

Take this course seriously.Take this course seriously.Take this course seriously.Take this course seriously.Take this course seriously.

UMAMI development team knows well how to use colors to send hidden messages psychologically and how crucial to grab learner’s attention subconsciously to the importance of the topic.
The above-mentioned message is one of many, we sent them to learners through using only Red backgrounds & without saying one word!

lives had been
protected studying the course


offline training waves

After 80 days of operations working on content research & improvement, conducting meetings with EETD SMEs, developing & animating the content. Our efforts paid off with the great results we reached.
10% +
20% +
Branched scenarios
15% +
Non branched scenarios
25% +
Interactive case studies
30% +
Interactive exercises
= 100%
Let’s take a deep dive into one of our game-based learning techniques used in this course: AMAN GAME.
This game aims to help workmen detect the danger signs easily. Danger signs were a big deal for the company because workmen always forget to use them which leads to serious incidents in sites.
  • Whenever a learner clicks on a location pin, he will be challenged to use appropriately the danger sign in a real-life situation like this.
  • Not to mention support resources like (call Yara) Yara would provide him with the right answer, in case he got stuck in choosing the right sign.
  • With a scoring system, the more he picks the right sign, the more points
    he gets.

The E-learning Era has just started in EETD with UMAMI & UMAMI keeps the promise.

We, UMAMI team, believe that our work with El-Sewedy Electric T&D together left a fingerprint in safety management industry. This encourages a culture in which all employees & workmen share their commitment to safety and environment & saves each and every employee’s life.
Our happiness is to let you explore a new taste of learning. Ready to try UMAMI’s Secret Recipe ?
Are virtual conferences the future of event industry?
Know more about how to create your first virtual conference.
It worked with us!

Check here the UMAMIAN Recipe of creating virtual conferences.

Egyptian Federation of Child Health
& Nutrition under the supervision of
Dr. Gihan Fouad in partnership with UMAMI had created the 1st Online Children Obesity Conference June 2020.
According to a report from Cisco Visual Networking Index, by 2021, it is estimated that 80% of web traffic will be video and Live Streaming, including video conferencing. And while some may believe that virtual conferences would not be conducive to attentiveness, 86% of participants in online meetings say they are as attentive as or more attentive than they would be in an in-person meeting.

Why Now?

Offline Conferences
Virtual Conferences

Before COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. Your attendees had to travel, pay for accommodation in hotels to attend their favorite conferences.
  2. They sometimes had to miss work to attend such events.
  3. They sometimes had to miss work to attend such events.
The new normal

While the idea of online conferences sounds like a new one, virtual meetings, virtual networking, and online conferences have been around for a long time, and now is their time to shine!
  • Online Conferences
  • Offline Conferences
86% of the attendees who filled the evaluation form preferred the virtual conference over the offline one.
+3 Countries

Know how
We summarized our whole experience in the 1st online Children Obesity Conference to present it to you if you want to create your first virtual conference. Here is the recipe:
1. Know your audience
2. Prepare your content
3. Choose your medium
4. Go online
5. Evaluate the whole experiment 
Want a hassle-free virtual conference? Ping us and we will take charge of all operations. 
You don’t design a learning experience for yourself. Your design should be human centered. This happens when you take into consideration Attendees’:

  1. Demographics.
  2. Needs.
  3. Preferences.In our case they were graduates of the medical school with average age (+45) years old with below average knowledge of technology.

1. Know your audience

1st choose whether your virtual conference is going synchronous or asynchronous.
The best solution for our client need was asynchronous (pre-recorded) videos.
2nd schedule your speakers list for the recording day, shoot & edit your videos.
3rd Redesign each speaker notes to match the e-learning format.
4th Synchronize speakers’ notes with their recorded videos. 

20 Hr
of recorded seminars

Available for attendees to study Anytime Anywhere for one month.

The result 

2. Prepare your content
3. Choose your medium
Here comes the importance of choosing a Learning Management System (LMS) that fulfills your attendees’ needs.
UMAMI Academy
UMAMI social learning platform that hosted the conference.

  1. Forum
  2. Contact Course Teacher
4. Go Online
Pro tip: educate your attendee

Take into consideration the whole system is still new for them! Help them to enroll & use the platform to have a smooth learning experience.

Live Support
Discussions Arena

We used all possible social media platforms for that reason.  

5. Evaluate your experiment.

” If you can’t measure it, You can’t improve it. “

More than 25% of the conference attendees filled post conference evaluation form and here are the results

Would recommend the conference for their peers.

Satisfaction rate

Found the online conference more interactive than its offline versions.

The pace of change won’t slow down. Don’t be late!

Our happiness is to let you explore a new taste of learning.
Ready to try UMAMI’s Secret Recipe?
Get your E-learning Partner