UMAMI E-Learning Solutions Explore a new taste of learning We make Interactive Video Production to enhance your training programs Gamification is our game

UMAMI as a term means the 5th taste which was discovered by Japanese

scientist which describe a strong savory taste which is not sweet, sour, salt or bitter and that is exactly what we are professional in, we bring the 5 taste and maturity level of e-learning by developing and engaging using multi-sensory inputs to make it interactive supported with resources to match learners needs and interest.

Our happiness is to serve you the learning as your favorite meals to let you explore a new taste of learning, so we came up with UMAMI.


[icon_box title=”Fast Delivery” text=”We reduce time away from the workplace, eliminating roads and traffic for travel, and remove the need for classroom training. Get the knowledge in the fastest way as a blink of eye.” style=”left” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-rocket”][icon_box title=”Interactivity” text=”We make it more fun and full of entertainment. Get the knowledge as you scroll your Facebook page or as playing your favorite games.” style=”left” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-gamepad”]
[icon_box title=”Wide Flexibility” text=”We always take into consideration the individual differences. Some prefer to focus on certain parts of the course, while others are ready to have a full meal. Get the knowledge as a nugget or get your main course .” style=”left” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-sliders”][icon_box title=”Huge Capacity” text=”Instead of limited classrooms we can provide standard learning experience for thousands. Get the knowledge with just a click.
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Our Partners

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Content Design and Development

Our Instructional Designers are creative folks. We create e-learning courses that sparkle with learner’s personalities, dazzle at first sight, stir the learner’s emotions, and make a lasting impression.

The challenge is to enhance the engagement levels achieved by PowerPoint presentations, which is almost none. Learners are weary of dull and drab slides that put them to sleep. Our challenge is to create courses that bring dull topics to life, simplify complex technical terms and make the learning process a memorable journey.

Interactive Video Production

UMAMI provides interactive video production from scratch with a single piece of script along with editing process to adding hints and many types of questions as multiple choice questions, fill in the blank questions and drag and drop questions to end up with high quality interactive video.


We counter multiple challenges which loss learners the interaction and high engagement level. Imagine games in the courses, Learners dread the boredom of the content. When we gamify it, the sheer novelty gives their brains a shake-up. The interactivities motivate them to pay attention to what is being presented on screen, so they can make the right decisions and score points.

Interactive Books

As we promise our partners to explore a new taste of learning we decided to increase their knowledge through reading but how can we give them a different taste?!

We did this by Interactive books which offer such a beautiful advantages over traditional pdf that it’s easy to be seduced into thinking that the reading experience can only be improved by the introduction of interactions. Text can be supplemented with colorful images, sound, animations, videos and alternative routes through content .

The possibilities seem limitless with a new taste of books

Learning Management System


We all before decide what to eat we think about where to eat, we think about a beautiful place where we feel comfortable just like home.
So, if you are looking for somewhere to serve a learning experience for your organization no matter the size, the location or the time of your order UMAMI’s LMS will be your best place .

Our LMS able to host all your courses or training programs offering you a lot of beneficial features :

  • Just imagine that you can let the learners access from any portable device not just a PC anywhere and anytime.
  • We can track their progression and activities.
  • We provide you email notifications with detailed reports for assignments, deadlines and grades .
  • The most awesome part your learners can print their certificates when they complete the course .

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