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Our Instructional Designers are creative folks. We create E-Learning courses that sparkle
with learner’s personalities, dazzle, at first sight, stir the learner’s emotions, and make a
lasting impression.
The challenge is to enhance the engagement levels achieved by
PowerPoint presentations, which is almost none. Learners are weary of dull and drab
slides that put them to sleep. Our challenge is to create courses that bring dull topics to
life, simplify complex technical terms and make the learning process a memorable journey.
The Content Design and Development cycle should be organized by a process to ensure
the quality and utilization of available expertise, We create course design matrix and the
story boards, so we use our audience analysis, learning methodologies with a mix of
UMAMI’s special recipes
E-Learning interactivity is the “dialogue” between learners and eLearning tools through which learners become
engaged and involved in the eLearning process. It is a key element of the actual eLearning courses design process, and it
has proven to be a practice that adds outstanding value to courses. It involves forms of action or reaction on learners’
behalf, in order for them to achieve results or reach a conclusion
. We cook with many authoring tools to produce our
interactive courses which are categorized into
BASIC, INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED. We also integrate the courses with
quizzes, assignments, and assessments. We have a lot of varieties in screens design with customized graphics or
animation according to the needs to enhance the power of visual communication to get the maximum attention.
Circumstances or even learning from their mistakes. E-Learning interactions may include
that help learners to deepen their understanding of the subject matter through experimentation
Stories are effective strategies for teaching any content. They keep the
learners hooked to the material, keep away boredom and make a course
relevant. Instead of going through a series of regulations, let the learners
analyze real-life situations encourage decision making without taking real
risks. We weave the story into the course using different models:
Thee story arc Simulation, Consider the “A Day in the Life of ” or Tell half
the story and let learners explore outcomes

 Presenting real-life scenarios not only helps place the learning in context
but also encourages learners to engage with the learning by analyzing the
events presented in the scenarios and pondering solutions and
consequences. We create problem-solving scenarios where the learners
have to analyze a situation and make a decision after pondering its
consequences. This exercise involves them in their own learning process
and lets them explore the outcomes of their decisions safely in the virtual
 Learning sticks when we discover the answers to questions on our own.
Posing questions is an effective learning strategy because it compels
learners to switch from a passive to an active and engaged learning mode
where they try to apply their knowledge to solve problems. We ask priming
questions to learners to introduce them to a topic and get them to think
about it. We choose multiple-choice questions to keep alive the challenge
of the problem without overwhelming the learners. We ask higher-order
questions to encourage learners to apply the knowledge they have
 This type of content layout is especially useful for teaching complex topics,
judgment and decision- making skills, to show best practices, how to apply
tools and to develop creative and critical thinking.
We create a comparative case study where you first, demonstrate the
results of not following a procedure and then show the positive outcome
that results from adhering to a process.
 This type of content layout is especially useful for simulating solid topics, to
develop creative and critical thinking and decision making skills. We
simulate many types of activities depending on the produced courses and
we stay up to date in our simulation techniques to simulate the daily
situations that the learner might tackle
Using a combination of animated visuals, Infographics and text.
This versatile approach can be used to create a variety of
learning experiences through Micro Learning Bites. We also
explain concepts through a story and / or narrative to be easy
to understand and engaging visual manner. We make it sharp,
focused and aligned to accommodate a serious learning
outcome. We also use variety of animation levels to create a
tutorial for your employees or customers for explaining how to
use or how to deal with any application. We use the animation
techniques to explain tough topics or the continuously
repeated courses. We also use our e-tutorials to facilitate the
usage of a system or application. We also use use this
techniques for awareness reasons and for marketing. It includes
3 types which are
White Board, Intermediate & Explainer.
We counter multiple challenges that loss learners the interaction and high
engagement level. Imagine games in the courses, Learners dread the
boredom of the content. When we gamify it, the sheer novelty gives their
brains a shake-up.
The interactivities motivate them to pay attention to what is being presented
on the screen, so they can make the right decisions and score points.
We create timed and/or scored games.
This makes the course competitive and challenging.
We Infuse excitement and anticipation by creating levels, Learners unlock the
next level of the game when they score a certain number of points.
We award badges every time learners reach some milestone
Featuring experts as learners are enthusiastic about expert advice and
guidance. This type makes them available for learners exactly when they need
learning support for explainer videos featuring concepts through a story and
or narrative . This is a great video format to introduce a concept in an easy-tounderstand an engaging visual manner. We also use high impact contextual
imagery of people in situations that learners can easily relate to with a
narrative or story.
UMAMI provides interactive video production from scratch with a single piece
of the script along with editing process to adding hints and many types of
questions as:

  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Fill in the blank questions
  • Drag and drop questions

to end up with high-quality interactive video.

UMAMI provides interactive non live production for any given presentations
in the form of online conference where the attendee can attend the session
any time and any where. This high level of seeing the instructor and the given
materials allow us to increase his retention level and give you the opportunity
of accessing a lot of attendees within certain time frame.
UMAMI provides high-quality voice-overs for ads, videos, audiobooks,
presentations, commercials, E-Learning courses, and more.
Choose the language you need from many languages we provide: Arabic,
English (US and UK accents), French, Germany and many others. We use
natural VO and computerized VO as well.
Interactive eBooks are electronic books that engage readers both mentally
and physically as they flow from one page to the next page. They make
reading absorbing as a result of their winning design which hosts features
that keep readers interacting with content. Interactive eBooks majorly inform
of applications. Depending on the target audience, the applications are
supported by devices with different operating systems (android, windows,
iOS, etc.). Just imagine that you can add photos, videos, shortcuts and other
to your interactive book
We all before deciding what to eat we think about where to eat, we think
about a beautiful place where we feel comfortable just like home. We are
offering either
hosting service or building a full integrated LMS for our
The given LMS is able to host all your courses or training programs offering
you a lot of beneficial features:

  • Just imagine that you can let the learners access from any portable device
    not just a PC anywhere and anytime.
  • We can track their progression and activities.
  • We provide you email notifications with detailed reports for assignments,
    deadlines, and grades.
  • The most awesome part your learners can print their certificates.

We are providing hosting services on our platform. So, if you are looking for
somewhere to serve a learning experience for your organization no matter
the size, the location or the time of your order UMAMI’s LMS will be your best
place as it has several benefits like

  • Comfortable Access for all the learners using user name and password
    through a user friendly platform.
  • The platform will have a page including your logo and identity. it will be
    closed as only your employees, they can access this page including
    your courses which means that it is hidden for the public.
  • Each user can create an account, add his personal photo, add friends,
    has a group discussion, send a message and receive notifications.
  • Applying the social learning principals.
  • Using the forum inside the platform where they can access discussions
    and open ended questions.
  • Encouraging the learning process as each user can acquire a certificate
    or a badge upon completing a full module.
  • Email notifications for the learners and SMEs.
  • The management will receive periodically reports about the employees
    including the time spent inside the course, the time spent in front of
    each slide and the score in the embedded quizzes and the report can
    be customized according to your needs.
We are providing hosting services on our platform. So, if you are looking for
A learning management system (LMS) is a software application or Web-based
technology used to plan, implement, and assess a specific learning process.
Typically, a learning management system provides an instructor with a way to
create and deliver content, monitor student participation, and assess learners
performance. A learning management system may also provide learners with
the ability to use many interactive features:

  • Systems Integration & Process Re-engineering
  • Scholar Management & Payment Gateway Integration
  • Student Affairs & Tailored Customer Surveys
  • Surveys’ Cross-Evaluation Procedure
  • Courseware/Content/SCORMS Activities and Processes
  • Cross Communication through all system users
  • Examination & Grading Process &Messaging Center
  • Dynamic Blocks Management
  • Intensive User Permission Management
  • Reporting and Dashboards
  • Smart Logging & Plugins Integration
  • Theming capabilities & Profile Management
  • User Interface and Design
  • User Experience