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E-Learning interactivity is the “dialogue” between learners and eLearning tools through which learners become engaged and involved in the eLearning process. It is a key element of the actual eLearning courses design process, and it has proven to be a practice that adds outstanding value to courses. It involves forms of action or reaction on learners’ behalf, in order for them to achieve results or reach a conclusion.

Our Instructional Designers are creative folks. We create E-Learning courses that sparkle with learner’s personalities, dazzle, at first sight, stir the learner’s emotions, and make a lasting impression.

The challenge is to enhance the engagement levels achieved by PowerPoint presentations, which is almost none. Learners are weary of dull and drab slides that put them to sleep. Our challenge is to create courses that bring dull topics to life, simplify complex technical terms and make the learning process a memorable journey.

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