Khan Academy

Khan Academy It all started with Khan only wanting to help tutor his 12 year old cousin, Nadia, in math by using a service called Yahoo Doodle Images. A while later, Khan’s other cousins started using his initial tutoring service. What’s most profound about the academy is that it is entirely free and the organization… Continue reading Khan Academy
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Women that changed education in Egypt

In 2012, Malaak Zaa’louk was the first Egyptian woman to join the UNESCO institute for lifelong learning. She has significantly promoted girls’ quality education reform. Not only that, but Zaa’louk is also a global leader on issues of gender equity and human rights. #learning #elearning #umami #womenpower #womenempowerment #education #educational #interactivecourse #unesco   Women that… Continue reading Women that changed education in Egypt

8 Benefits of using VR in E-Learning

8 Benefits of VR in education: 1. Less distraction while studying2. Enhancing the student’s creativity3. Active experience of learning rather than receiving information passively4. Expanding the student’s power of imagination5. Eliminating boredom in subjects like science6. Gaining knowledge efficiently7. Improving the student’s memory though connecting feelings with education8. Improving teaching skills for teachers by providing… Continue reading 8 Benefits of using VR in E-Learning