How Aflatoun’s fireball in collaboration with UMAMI’S secret recipe created a measurable impact on the South African education industry: Success Story


How Aflatoun’s fireball in collaboration with UMAMI’S secret recipe created a measurable impact on the South African education industry, success story:

Aflatoun International is an NGO based in the Netherlands offering social and financial education to people from different age groups worldwide. The organization reaches 10.5 million children and young people each year in 108 countries through a powerful network of 345 partners and governments. The rapidly changing world pose unique challenges for the new generations preparing to enter adulthood, hence, it is crucial for children and youth, including the most vulnerable, to access opportunities that help them develop practical skills which they can use in real life.

Aflatoun’s fireball has united with UMAMI’S secret recipe to present  quality and inclusive teacher-training program under the “Africa’s Biggest Classroom” initiative to impact the lives of the new generations of Africa.

Now let’s delve deeper into how UMAMI successfully achieved that.


At UMAMI, we see opportunities in challenges because we as a team, make our best to transcend unpleasant circumstances and that made us  develop a problem-solving mentality and behavior towards any given challenge.

Some of the challenges that we have successfully overcome were:

  • Finishing the project in three weeks during quite a busy schedule approaching Eid Al-Adha vacation. And since that UMAMI team’s number one priority is dedication and professionalism despite any given circumstances, instead of working for 120 hours as the normal rate, the team worked for 130 hours to get the project done in the most profound way, while also managing other projects at hand.
  • Finding a speaker with a South African accent whose tone, voice-quality and performance meet our standards was not an easy job. For instance, some freelancers were unprofessional enough to decline the offer after accepting it, or not to send us the voice-over narration as we agreed, so we had to start over with new speakers at some point.
  • Another challenge was that some speakers demand that feedbacks must be sent within a very short period of time, so we had to be careful and wise with the time factor.
  • We were also alert enough to detect the voice-over generators occupying the market.


In this collaboration, we tailored a digitized content that showcases the practical examples and fun activities provided in the scripts, through moving animated teachers’ characters who look, sound and dress in a way that the South African audience can relate to and be familiar with. Also, the teachers in the videos ask thought-provoking questions to keep the learner hooked on the content.

The active-learning and teaching methods in the videos

such as teaching students to create budgets to assist them in managing their finances at a young age.


Aflatoun’s previous successful collaborations with UMAMI have in fact generated solid satisfying results, leading Aflatoun to collaborate again with UMAMI for more projects.



Amira Mubarak: Senior Executive Animator at UMAMI

“I have learned a lot throughout this project, it challenged me to learn new        skills in the technical field of Design and Illustration as well as time and project management given that this was the first time for me to handle a project from A to Z. I also enjoyed exchanging feedbacks with Aflatoun International, simply because their comments were clear and constructive which I quite appreciate, and I can say that the smooth flow of communication was one of the major reasons behind the success of this project.”


UMAMI and Aflatoun International share a common goal which is elevating the Education Industry and creating a substantial impact on people’s lives around the world, through valuable knowledge and hard work.

Our happiness is to let you explore a new taste of learning. Ready to try

UMAMI’s secret recipe?