History will always remember 2020, It’s one of the most tragic years in history. within the span of a few days, the whole world was asked to fight a violent invisible enemy, the emerging coronavirus (COVID-19).

It’s known that during war times, people are urged to unite and cooperate in the face of the enemy. And that’s exactly what happened in Egypt as a country and  in our company too when the pandemic hit. Each member of our team gathered only for one reason, and that is, thinking about how we could help using our own resources and talents.

While everyone else was targeting the public through awareness campaigns, we realized how vital preventing the transmission of COVID-19 from infected patients to the heroes of the medical staff is, given they are the country’s greatest weapon in keeping the medical institutions free of COVID-19. Corporate Social Responsibility is one of UMAMI’s core values.


During panic times, anyone whether he or she is a medical personnel or not, could share any piece of false medical information on social media platforms. And unfortunately, some people might believe and share misleading information leading to serious health problems. That’s why we felt the strong urge and responsibility to introduce an authorized and source of verified medical information that we can all trust.


We believe in the power of technology & online education, they allow us to reach a wide range of medical personnel, and that in turn, leads to further protection against the pandemic.

Producing the 1st of its kind VILT (Video-Instructor Led Training) in Arabic about infection control guidelines for healthcare providers under the supervision of Dr. Ameer El Telwany, CEO of General Authority of Healthcare, Egypt.

It was a complete detailed guide from the latest protocols published from World Health Organization (WHO) & The Ministry of Health and Population in Egypt to all healthcare providers in the medical institution (ICU, Oncology departments & Labs) from physicians, nurses, lab technicians, pharmacists to emergency room recipients.

Not only that, but we also produced a series of 5 animated videos under the name of ” Weqaya”  to raise the awareness of both the medical staff public:

  • Episode 1: Infection control standers.
  • Episode 2: Mistakes to avoid while using personal protective equipment.
  • Episode 3: Mistakes to avoid while using personal protective equipment.
  • Episode 4: Home isolation instructions.
  • Episode 5: Mental health for healthcare workers.


In terms of the content production, our team traveled to Port Said to record the course videos and the shooting took place in El-Nasr Specialized Hospital for Children, East Port Said.

In fact, It wasn’t a piece of cake to wear protective medical equipment and move around holding lightening tools, cameras and so forth in the hospital where danger surrounded us all during the peak of the pandemic. But eventually, we successfully managed to record a full simulation about the standard precautions.

And because credibility is a core value of ours, we had to be extremely careful while producing a medical content, and here comes the fundamental role of Dr. Mona Mahmoud Beala who was the medical supervisor of Weqaya campaign.

Us and Dr. Mona, worked meticulously hand in hand to highlight and introduce critical information presented through video-based content that contains visual aids, keywords and animation.



Throughout the 6-months project, we are proud to say that we managed to produce an exclusive course that is now uploaded on The Universal Health Insurance Association platform. This course helped and will continue to help not only the insurance covered hospitals, but also every medical institution in Egypt as well.


We are thankful for each member of the White Army, our frontline defense whose nights are sleepless battling the danger of COVID-19 in order to protect us.

May every soul we lost from COVID-19 rest in peace.

We would like to thank the Public Health Care Authority, The Universal Health Insurance association for giving us this valuable opportunity to contribute to protecting our world against the pandemic.