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History will remember 2019 year! It’s one of the most tragic years in history. In a day and night all of us were asked to fight an invisible enemy! The Emerging coronavirus (COVID-19).
It’s known that during wars, all people unite and collaborate their efforts to face the enemy. And that’s exactly what happened in Egypt in general & in our company in specific during the outbreak. Each one of our team gathered just for one reason, thinking about how we could help by our resources and talents.
Here’s our way to prevent COVID-19 transmission in partnership with Public Health Care Authority under the umbrella of Universal Health Insurance Association (UHIA).

Generalizing the Ethics of Tourism

Beginning of the initiative of the Ministry of Tourism which is named ‘’ Generalizing the ethics of tourism’’, we aimed to Raise touristic awareness of Egyptian monuments through the creation of a group of episodes in the form of animated videos Our Approach will help to raise the awareness of touristic places as the priority program area is tourism & Antiquates. The target audience was mainly children whose age ranges from 5 to 15 years old. 

Our main goals included the following: Public awareness towards the touristic places, Children’s Education, and Achieving the aimed innovative change through the awareness methodology that will be used. The ministry of tourism had gifted the videos to the ministry of education and Dr. Tarek Shawky (the minister of education and technical education had shared them on his personal account on Facebook. And also you could check the videos on the official website of the ministry of tourism through the following link: https://egymonuments.gov.eg/en/child-world/child-media-hub

UMAMI has been chosen as a community host for innovation for policy foundation (i4policy)

Innovation for Policy Foundation, a charitable foundation established under the laws of Mauritius with certificate of registration bearing. The Global Assembly is a new decision-making infrastructure that gives ordinary people a seat at the global governance table.

We build new decision-making infrastructure

We believe that people need to have a seat at the global governance table. We are establishing a new decision-making body that activates and involves as many people as possible in defining and addressing the challenges we face.

We trust in

We believe that our common global challenges require collective global solutions. When people can access the tools to meet, connect and come up with solutions together, they can and they do.

We build empathy
between people

We believe that we make better decisions when we understand each other. When people communicate at a fundamental level beyond opinions and debate we can overcome polarisation and division and create mutual respect.

We focus on the means,
not the ends

We believe the most urgent challenge we face is not to propose solutions, but to come up with better ways of generating solutions together. We seek never to impose our own views, but create a platform for people to think, talk, listen, co-create and act together.

We recognize
our biases

We believe that our values, experiences, contexts and identities influence our behaviours and perceptions and it is by actively surfacing and recognizing them that we can best serve others.

We emphasize learning
in practice

We believe that we don’t have all the answers, so we share all our findings and mistakes so that we can learn together.

We are

We seek to understand and engage with existing power structures, while maintaining complete independence from them. Governments, funders and institutions have absolutely no influence over the process.

We are

We believe in making available all our documentation, data, source code, methods, and materials.

We were Viral

In 2018 there was a trending video that went over all the social media channels for a child that wanted to sleep an extra 15 minutes in his first day at the school. We saw the matter differently and we helped him to study online through giving him a tablet

We also support the community through many awareness videos in cooperation with a lot of NGOs:

Menstruation Shouts in COVID19
Campaign حكي
Sexual Harassment Awareness Campaign
Early Marriage Awareness Campaign

Media Coverage



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25 November, 2020

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