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Digitization of Logistics Curriculum For 1st grade technical education.
Supporting the E-Learning Environment in the Holding Company for Water and Wastewater (HCWW) as part of the technical assistance provided by USAID under the Integrated Water Solutions Support Technical Assistance (IWSSTA).
MOOC Production in the UCH protection in the Arab region.
MOOC Production in the toolkit for the urban inclusion in Arab cities.
MOOC Production of the charter of ethics and science technology.
Digitizing Interactive Courses for the Public Sector
(Strengthen and reform initiative in the public sector).
Digitization of digital leadership curriculum
(Supporting E-Government and Innovation in the Public Administration-InnoPA).
Digitizing Introduction to the Code of Conduct and Ethics for the Egyptian Civil Service.
Virtual Induction for GIZ
(digitizing of 13 modules within the induction program).
Digitization of Covid Toolkit.
Digitization of the TOT program of Life skills and citizenship education.
Digitization of the UP shift facilitation guide.
Development of e-learning content for skills development manuals of the Meshwary Program for adolescents aged 10-14 and 15-19.
Digitization of Teacher Preparedness Training Package (TPTP)
Digitization of the Master Trainer Facilitators Course.
Digitization of 15 Short Courses.
Production of digital content for parents.
Digitization of the Ethics of Tourism
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