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Philosophy Behind The Name

UMAMI as a term means the 5th taste, proposed by the Japanese scientist, Kikunae Ikeda. It describes a strong savory taste that is neither sweet, sour, salty nor bitter and this is exactly what UMAMI presents since we take the E-Learning process to the fifth level where there is an engaging interactivity involved.

At UMAMI, we bring a fifth taste and propose an advanced level of Learning by using multi-sensory inputs supported with unique resources that make the learning process highly interactive in order to meet the user’s expectations. Our duty that we happily execute is, serving learners knowledge as their favorite meals, allowing them to explore a new taste of learning which is only available at UMAMI!

Core Values





Our Team

Our team is your team, as we hire the best people to drive both of our visions forward. We need individuals who are able to create focused strategies that align with our goals. UMAMI team members can credibly claim to own the experience, knowledge, creativity and hands-on credentials to produce and provide solutions spanning the whole framework of (PPT) People, Process, Technology.

Work Environment

Every employee deserves a healthy working environment in which he or she can be motivated enough to present the best they have and actualize their potential. At UMAMI, we always make sure to maintain the healthy environment our employees deserve because they are UMAMI’s powerful engine.


The team bonding that occurs when a company interact outside of office doors is valuable in building strong teams, and in turn, a strong company. We firmly believe that taking the team for a retreat to get them reenergized will have a huge impact on our business.

1st Retreat: 2021

Location: Ras Sudr

Customer Education

Customer Education is the discipline of teaching customers how to use and find value from products. As a business function, it benefits customers in many stages of their journey. Customer Education isn’t about the specific actions you take to educate the customer; it’s not about running webinars or delivering training or writing articles. Yes, it usually involves all of those. But what defines a Customer Education program is the role it play


E-learning Awareness

One of our community roles is to aware students, employees and public audience of the e-learning process, pros and cons and we don’t miss any given opportunity to achieve this aim.

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Reach out to us anytime and lets create a better future for all technology users together, forever. We are open to all types of collab offers and tons more.