Content Design

Our instructional designers are creative folks. Furnishing the content is the key procedure in the interactive eLearning configuration process. This step empowers research that is significant, reviewed effectively, and in addition assessed through intelligent evaluations. Interactive tools are the main intends to connect and team up with kindred students and guides. In the event that eLearning connections are utilized effectively, they can make a diversion where learners contribute candidly and in addition, mentally.


Interactive Modules

E-Learning interactivity is the “dialogue” between learners and eLearning tools through which learners become engaged and involved in the eLearning process. We cook with many authoring tools to produce our interactive courses which are categorized into BASIC, INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED.



Imagine games in the courses, Learners dread the boredom of the content. When we gamify it, the sheer novelty gives their brains a shake-up. The interactivities motivate them to pay attention to what is being presented on the screen, so they can make the right decisions and score points. We create timed and/or scored games. This makes the course competitive and challenging. We Infuse excitement and anticipation by creating levels, Learners unlock the next level of the game when they score a certain number of points. We award badges every time learners reach some milestone.


Animation & Motion Graphic

Using a combination of animated visuals, Infographics, and text. This versatile approach can be used to create a variety of learning experiences through Micro-Learning Bites. We also explain concepts through a story and/or narrative to be easy to understand and engaging visual manner. We make it sharp, focused and aligned to accommodate serious learning outcomes. Our videos are categorized into are categorized into WHITEBOARD, INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED.


Video Based Content

Featuring experts as learners are enthusiastic about expert advice and guidance. This type makes them available for learners exactly when they need learning support for explainer videos featuring concepts through a story and or narrative.


Voice Over

UMAMI provides high-quality voice-overs for ads, videos, audiobooks, presentations, commercials, E-Learning courses, and more.
Choose the language you need from the many languages we provide: Arabic, English (US and UK accents), French, Germany, and many others. We use natural VO and computerized VO as well.


Interactive E-books

Just imagine that you can add photos, videos, shortcuts and others to your interactive book. Interactive eBooks are electronic books that engage readers both mentally and physically as they flow from one page to the next page. Interactive eBooks majorly inform of applications. Depending on the target audience, the applications are supported by devices with different operating systems (Android, iOS, etc.)


Interactive Videos

We provide interactive video production from scratch with a single piece of the script along with editing process to adding hints and many types of questions as:

– Multiple-choice questions
– Fill in the blank questions
– Drag and drop questions to end up with the high-quality interactive video.